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Surf in Indonesia

LombokNesia-It is little wonder why Indonesia is known as the ultimate surfers paradise: it is littered with beautiful beaches and waves along its 95,000 km coastline, the warm water all-year round, and you can easily rent a surf board on most beaches at a good price.
The numerous options for surf spots with world-class waves attract surf travelers, both beginners and professional alike. For those of you who would like to get your feet wet, we have personally shortlisted these top 5 spots to learn surfing for you.
We selected for you a few different surf beaches in Indonesia where you can learn safely and have a lot of fun:

Top 5 Beaches to Learn Surfing in Indonesia
  1. Learn Surfing in Batu Karas, Central Java.

Often Batu Karas is referred to the “Little Bali” of Indonesia. Here you’ll find a laid-back beach that is greeted by smooth uncrowded waves.
This is a mellow wave usually surfed in longboards, as it is not as powerful as Bali’s points where surfers ride shortboards, but on big swell some of them will join and you will be able to watch long boarders dancing in the waves. And if you need to recharge your energy after the surf, the friendly locals will spoil you with their delicious servings of Javanese food found around the warungs within the beach itself.
Recently, Susi Air opened a flight from Jakarta to Batu Karas for about $120 return ticket, there is only one flight per day. Otherwise, you can also get buses from Jakarta or Bandung, it will be at least 10 hours drive but for less than $10.
Apart from surfing, you can explore the Green ValleyGreen Canyon, or visit local villages and see demonstration of Pancat Silak (traditionnal martial art).
Learn hot to Sur in Batu Karas , Central Java.
Learn how to Surf in Batu Karas , Central Java. Picture by Toddsupertramp.
  1. Learn Surfing in Kuta, Bali.

If you’re in Bali, Kuta is probably the best place for you to start surfing. Kuta may be Bali’s most crowded beach, but it is also the safest. There are no corals or reefs unlike other Bali beaches. In addition, you will easily find bilingual and professional surf instructors that will gladly guide and train you.
With eOasia, you can conveniently book a surf lesson in Kuta with a reputable surf school that was carefully handpicked by us. We guarantee you a lot of fun!
Learn Surfing in Kuta, Bali.
Learn Surfing in Kuta, Bali.
  1. Learn Surfing in Selong Belanak, Lombok.

If you visit Lombok and want to learn how to surf, this is a paradise for apprentice surfers.
First the view; the distant hills, the endless stretch of pearly white sand and the turquoise sea make the perfect combination for a dream beach. Secondly the wave; this is a very easy wave for first timers to catch and practice their balance.
The wave breaks close to the shore which will make it less tiring for you as you won’t have to paddle much. And if you fall, which you may many times, it will just feel like diving in crystal water.
Learn how to Surf in Selong Belanak, Lombok.
Learn how to Surf in Selong Belanak, Lombok.
  1. Learn Surfing in Pacitan, East Java.

Located 5 hours away from Yogjakarta, Pacitan is gaining popularity as the weekend destination for both surfers and non-surfers alike. There are a number of spots available that range frombeginners level to professional. Even Kelly Slater got to score some big barrels here!
You can head to Teleng Ria beach for your first surf lesson, which is located very close to the downtown area. If you need a bilingual instructor, head down to Harry’s Guesthouse, one the only guesthouse there currently.
To get there, you can get a driver from yogjakarta for (20$). But if you are feeling a little more adventurous you can do the 5 hours scooter trip doing breaks in small villages along the way.
Learn Surfing in Pacitan, East Java.
Learn Surfing in Pacitan, East Java. Picture by WiredNomads.
  1. Learn Surfing in Batu Bolong, Bali.

This surf spot is located on the same stretch than Seminyak in the less touristic village of Canggu, with many peaks it is suitable for beginners to experienced surfers.
If the swell is not too strong, you can learn how to surf mellow waves with a longboard, also this is a great place as you can find a good range of quality boards right in front of the beach, friendly locals will give you good advices and you can negotiate a surf lesson too!
Batu Bolong is also a fantastic place to visit in family, with kids friendly restaurants and space for them to play around.
Learn how to surf in Batu Bolong, Bali.
Learn how to Surf in Batu Bolong, Bali.
We will also provide very soon more Surf’s Activities for beginners and advanced Surfers in moreIndonesian Surf Spots, follow us!
To be continued…
 By Uriel.


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